CCS takes Silver at the South Northants Swimming Gala!

The annual South Northants Swimming Gala took place on Thursday 19th June 2014 at Elizabeth Woodville School.  This competition is a great opportunity for our students who swim outside of school to represent CCS in their favourite sport especially as their commitment to swimming and training often prevents them from competing in other sports teams.

We took four teams to the competition, 7/8 Girls, 7/8 Boys, 8/9 Girls and 8/9 Boys.   All of the teams demonstrated excellent swimming skills and we won or came second in almost every race.  There were some particularly impressive performances from A. Lee, J Wizard and E Roberts who left the other swimmers trailing behind them! Overall CCS came 2nd out of six schools, narrowly missing 1st place by 14 points but beating 3rd place by 52 points!

Well done to all of those involved in the gala:  H. Ashcroft, E. Brown, M. Gray, B. Khalid, A. Lee, O. Moore, W. Moore, S. Pollock, L. Rhodes, E. Roberts, L. Roberts, K. Strehl, C. Stringer, A. Warren, S. Willis, J. Wizard.