World War 1 RAP Project 2014

Some of our students who display good academic potential in Years 7, 8 & 9 were asked to complete a summer assignment on aspects on World War 1 and the results have been truly impressive.  Most of the students embraced the project in the right spirit and have produced work that is both detailed and original.  From some superbly iconic propaganda posters; to information on life in the trenches; poetry that is poignant and thought provoking; and research on local heroes; the project has led to work being handed in that demonstrates the highest quality and care.  All the projects have been marked and the best are now on display in the main reception area and in our Learning Resource Centre so that visitors and students both get the opportunity to view some excellent pieces of work.

Some of the work displayed can be seen in the photos here but they only give the briefest indication of the quality of the work produced.  For example, one student produced some brilliant research on a relative of hers whilst another made a truly superb propaganda cushion which warned people that careless talk costs lives.  Other students have prepared assemblies on Remembrance Day which will be delivered in November whilst many other students produced highly complex and moving poetry such as the piece displayed below.  To all of the students who completed the project I would like to express my thanks for their excellent contribution and would encourage all parents to discuss their work with them and pass on my thanks for helping themselves in developing their potential further.



Can you guess who I am?
I am fear and pain and heartsore,
I am loss and darkness
I am the creator of war

War.  Such a word is not overlooked
I send young men to die.
The old phrase is of my creation:
‘Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori’

‘It is sweet and proper
To die for your country’
Everyone knows it’s a lie
But nobody can flee

I spread a lie
From elder to young
‘It’s an honour to die for your country’
The war has begun

At war, conditions are fatal
Stories of trench foot, gas and flu
Death, blood, massacre,
The horrific tales all true.

Many men fell
Allies and enemy alike
It was all my doing
To murder and to strike

While the men are sent
To kill and to maim
The women left at home
To feel the country’s pain

I slay all those below me
Sealing their fate with their final breath
The lies of these men will obey me
Who am I? I am death

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