Winter Netball League!


Due to the lack of daylight in November, December and January, our league fixtures against other schools have now stopped for 9 working weeks!

To keep our Netball enthusiasts active we have set up our very first ‘Winter Netball league.’  120 girls across years 7-11 have signed up and are split across 12 teams!

Year 7&8 girls have been mixed up into 6 teams named Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth whilst years 9,10&11 are split into Australia, England, Fiji, New Zealand, South Africa and Jamaica.  The two leagues will run alongside each other every Tuesday night (replacing the normal training session.)  Games will run until 4pm so the girls can still walk home before it gets dark.

Players can tuck into squash and biscuits after their games each week and the winning teams once the leagues are completed will be treated to a celebratory lunch!

Watch this space for weekly results and for news on a trip to watch Superleague Netball teams ‘Loughborough Lightning and Yorkshire Jets’ in March.

Mrs Wittich-Jackson