Notice to parent & Non Uniform Day

11th December 2014

Dear Parent

Two items:

Extra vigilance required

Please be aware that there was a suspicious incident at a local primary school yesterday. As the nights get darker and so many of our young people are involved in after school clubs, it is worth reminding them of our usual advice for staying safe – go to and from school in groups, avoid dark pathways, report any suspicious incidents to the police.

Non-Uniform day Tuesday 16th December

Students have asked us for a non-uniform day next week. The charitable cause they are concerned about is the Ebola crisis. While this issue is no longer at the top of the news, there is still an urgent appeal for help and the Disasters Emergency Committee is co-ordinating the work of our leading charities here in the UK.

As we have already called on parents to help us with charity events this term, we are suggesting a donation of just 50p for students to wear non- uniform on Tuesday 16th December. On the same day, Christmas lunch will be served for those students who purchase meals in the dining room. Students will be welcome to embellish their non-uniform with any suitable Christmas-themed items!

Thank you for your support for this event. A happy Christmas and New Year to everyone.
Yours sincerely
Tony Downing