Year 7 National Space Centre 2015

9th December 2015

Dear Parents

The Science Department are planning to take Year 7 to the National Space Centre in Leicester to consolidate their studies to prepare them for the unit ‘Light and Space’.  The trip will include each class taking part in a simulation of a space mission at an additional cost to the regular admission fees, with half the form running ‘mission control’ and the other half working in the ‘space station’. The mission is only available to school parties and not to the general public. Both the simulations are very realistic and the students get to apply for the job they would like to do in their Science lessons before the trip. The space mission is a very instructive experience, exclusive to school groups and covers many curriculum areas as well as being great fun!

The rest of the day is spent visiting the fantastic displays in the Space Centre itself and finding information that will be used in their lessons back at school to help them to consolidate the unit.  The classes will also visit the IMAX cinema and see a show on the formation of the Universe. As each student will be using the information they have gathered from the trip in their studies on the Solar System we are very keen that all students should attend.

The trip will leave from school at 8.30 a.m. and return by 5.15 p.m.  The students will need to be in school uniform for the day and to bring with them a packed lunch to eat at the Space Centre.  The cost of the trip will be £28.00 which covers the entrance to the Space Centre, the mission simulation, the visit to the cinema and travel to and from Leicester.  There is a shop at the National Space Centre so your child may like to bring a maximum of £10 spending money.  The Space Centre can only accommodate 2 classes at a time; therefore the classes going on each day will be:

7PCL & 7JGR           27th February 2015
7LP & 7WP               6th March 2015
7HFR & 7JMG         13th March 2015
7GCY & 7SHA          20th March 2015

To confirm your child’s place on this trip please make payment via 30th January 2015. Please note that where parents use ‘ParentPay’ to pay for visits that take place out of school, this will be regarded as parental consent for your child to take part in this visit.

If you would like your child to attend, but circumstances prevent you from paying, please email, we will contact you and the matter will be dealt with confidentially.

Yours sincerely


Mrs Wendy Pearmain
Subject Leader for Science