Year 11 Parent Bulletin – Friday 9th January 2015

Dear Parent,

Year 11 Parent Bulletin โ€“ Friday 9 January 2015

Food Technology

The FINAL deadline for Year 11 Food Study Task worth 30% of overall grade will be Friday 7th February 2015.

There are support sessions at 1pm in DT every day in D7 and after school each Tuesday in D7.

Physical Education

Monday night workshops for GCSE PE will commence on Monday 19th January from 3.30 โ€“ 4.15 p.m.


The GCSE Art Examination Paper will be handed out on the first week of February during the studentโ€™s double lesson. Students should complete all their preparatory studies and research before the practical examination, which will take place on 22nd โ€“ 23rd April.

A letter outlining the arrangements and expectations for the practical examination will be sent out to parents at a later date.

Prom Dress Evening

The Prom dress evening at CCS is on Thursday 15th January from 1830 โ€“ 1930 p.m. in the main hall for year 11 girls only.