CCS Internal Exams 2015 – Year 10

15th May 2015

Dear Parent

CCS Internal Exams 2015 – Year 10

All students in Years 7-10 will be completing internal exams for all subjects. The exams will take place over the week of 15th June – 19th June. The majority of exams will run during regular lesson time, with all year groups having one exam in the Sports Hall so they can experience a formal exam setting. Please click below to view schedule

Y10 Y Band Internal Exams Timetable 2015

Y10 X Band Internal Exams June 2015

Each subject teacher will be going over the exam material in lessons the next few weeks, to ensure that the students know what to revise. One of the topics for an upcoming Year 10 assembly will be revision techniques, and this will be the focus during Tutor Time as well. The students will receive their exam results formally – in a sealed envelope, on a scheduled date, during Tutor Time.

It is important that the Year 10 students take these exams seriously, as the exams will indicate to the teaching staff, areas that need to be developed before the students take their GCSE exams in Year 11. This opportunity will also provide the students with a realistic setting of what GCSE exams are like, in order to prepare them for next year.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or on 01604 669200.

Yours sincerely

Ms Wright
Assistant Principal – Link to Year 10