Year 7 French Lessons

15 May 2015

Dear Parent

As I am sure you are aware, at Caroline Chisholm School, we teach Spanish as our principal language. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and we believe that teaching this language to our students will help prepare them for the world of international business.

We also aim to give our students variety and the opportunity to learn other languages so in Year 8 your child will also be learning French alongside Spanish. They will have two lessons a week of each language. This will enable them to have the necessary language skills and knowledge to study French at GCSE level if they choose this subject as one of their options.

Whilst both languages are distinct enough to avoid confusion, we feel that French is an ideal language to learn alongside Spanish, as the vocabulary and grammatical structures are similar. Your child’s current knowledge of Spanish will therefore be helpful when learning French.

In order to fully prepare the students and to give them a foundation in the language prior to Year 8 we are planning on delivering an introduction to French course during the last half term of Year 7. This will mean students will have two lessons a week of French and then one lesson of Spanish. During their Spanish session we will look at consolidating their skills from Year 7 and focus on areas that need further development and attention.

Please rest assured that if your child is currently withdrawn from MFL for literacy support, this will continue to be the case if deemed appropriate by the SEN department.

If you have any questions regarding the introduction of French, please do contact me at school.

Yours Faithfully,


Chris Scott
Head of Head of Languages