Year 11 Careers Convention

Dear Parent,

To keep you informed of issues affecting Year 11s, I will send a bulletin (when necessary) to help you support your son / daughter.

At this stage, year 11s have completed a ‘Future Plans’ form to help us identify what they intend to do after year 11. We are very aware students may change their minds over the next few months therefore we will update our records accordingly.

From this information we can identify if a student requires a Horizons (formerly known as Connexions) appointment. The adviser provides up to date information, advice and guidance to help individuals make informed choices about their future. Students can request an appointment at any time via Mrs Nurse. Her office is on the upper floor D block next to the Science staff base.

I am pleased to let you know that we have organised a Careers Convention on 24 September from 1800 – 2000 p.m. We are expecting up to 30 employers, who have volunteered their time and will be exhibiting in the main hall and dining hall. Students (and parents are invited to attend) can speak to a variety of professionals. The aim of this event is to help year 11s:

– Identify what they are interested in
– Think about their future career choices
– Consider the different routes into a profession
– Ascertain the required qualifications they will need to achieve
– Gain an understand of what employers are looking for

By the end of this week we should have a final list of employers and a schedule for the evening which I will send to you.
This is a valuable opportunity for students to learn about different types of careers. Mr Ashton (Assistant Principal) and I would like to see as many students and parents next Thursday.

Yours faithfully,

Jenny Blaize
Head of Year 11