Please note, the Sixth Form Open Evening has been moved from Thursday 21st January to Tuesday 19th January. 


Language Speaking Assessment Dates: 

Teacher and Group Date
Mr C Scott – 11ESp1 Tuesday 10th November
Mr R Scott – 11HSp1 Tuesday 17th November
Mr C Scott – 11GSp1 Thursday 26th November
Mrs S Davies – 11EFr1 Wednesday 9th December
Mr M López – 11FSp1 Tuesday 12th January




Currently offering access to studio spaces any lunchtime and after school

1:1 art catch up sessions Tuesday after school in E2 year 10 and 11

Norfolk sketchbook work Wednesday after school in E3 

BTEC Childcare: 

BTEC Childcare- every Tuesday 3-14 to 4-15 D9


Business Controlled Assessment Catch Up: 

Tuesday after school until 4:30pm in E14

Friday after school until 4:00pm in E11


Catch up for GCSE ICT and Computing Students: 

E12 with Mrs Sawbridge – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (unless there is a meeting)

E13 with Mr Ahern – Computing only on Wednesday


Product Design 

Mr Lambert runs a weekly ‘club’ in D1 at lunchtime on a Wednesday

Mr Kilpin:  Year 11 Students are able to use D7 on Wednesday’s every week and alternative Monday’s where he will be available for additional support/guidance with GCSE CA coursework for both GCSE Graphic Products and Product Design.

Also, D7 is available every lunchtime for additional sessions but this is a generic Design Technology homework catch up room so will be used by other students.  GCSE students will not have priority during the lunchtime sessions and will also be expected to follow the silent room conditions.


Product Design Textiles Controlled Assessment Drop in Sessions: 

Monday and Thursday after school currently to 4.30pm.

Please note: Monday’s is unsupervised as Mrs Porter attends a departmental meeting but she will drop in from time to time.


Triple Science – Physics with Mr Burditt

 Y11 triple science physicists can go to D10 on Thursdays after school if they have any problems they would like to go over.  This is in conjunction with Y12/13.

Triple Science – with Mr Gregson and Mr Mallet: 

Science help clinic on Tuesday after school.  D18/D19


Physical Education:

Workshops on Monday at 3.30 – 4.15pm in C16
19th October
16th November
30th November
14th December

Drop-in sessions every Thursday at lunchtime in the PE office