Year 11 Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs)

2nd November 2015

Dear Parent,

Year 11 Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs)

As you know, all students in Year 11 will sit internal examinations the week beginning November 30th. Traditionally, these exams have been referred to as “mocks”. However, the word “mock” does not accurately reflect the importance of these exams as it suggests that they are “pretend” or “just for practice”. The reality is that these exams, as well as providing excellent preparation for public examinations, can also give students, teachers and parents alike some really valuable information about current levels of performance, strengths and those areas that still need developing in order to fulfil potential in the summer. For these reasons, these exams will now be referred to as Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs).

The majority of the PPEs will take place from 30th November– 4th December with Art and Photography exams taking place during the week beginning 14th December. Students have already been issued with their exam timetable and will also receive revision guidance and advice about what to revise for each subject over the next few days. A preparation assembly will also take place looking at strategies and techniques that are useful when revising.

We would encourage all students to treat the PPEs very seriously. Whilst students may do even more revision and exam practice before their public exams in the summer, they should approach their PPEs with the same level of determination. If students do not put sufficient effort into their preparation, they may claim that PPE results are disappointing because they didn’t try, this means they will have lost a fantastic opportunity to identify genuine areas of strength and areas that need improving.

Students will receive their results on Friday 8th January. On this day, students will have a special PPE Results Assembly and then collect their results, which will be given to them in a sealed envelope in the same way that they will receive their results in August. The Year 11 parent’s evenings are scheduled for Thursday 28th January and Thursday 4th February, where results, progress and ways forward can be discussed.

Yours faithfully,

Phil Ashton
Assistant Principal