CCS Sports Council Fund Raising 2015/16

We have a thriving extra-curricular program at Caroline Chisholm School, with on average over 800 attendances at extra-curricular clubs per week.  As a result of this high level of student activity equipment does need to be maintained and from time to time replaced.

Currently we are in a position where one of the most popular extra-curricular activities equipment is in need of maintenance and updating to ensure that the activity can continue.  The school multi-gym, which received assistance from the Friends of CCS to be established in the first place, is one of the most popular extra-curricular activities for students in Years 9-13.  As well as providing an outlet for students to engage in exercise that is not only beneficial to their long term physical health but also their mental health it also provides an introduction to what will hopefully be a lifelong interest in exercise.

As a result we are asking students and the parents of students to help us with the sale of raffle tickets for the RFU Grand Draw.  The RFU Grand Draw is £1 a ticket to enter, with 90p of every ticket being kept by CCS to go towards our fund raising effort for the Multi-Gym.  The RFU Grand Draw has some amazing prizes with the top prize being £10,000, and other prizes including hospitality packages and overnight stays to watch England 6 Nations games, iPads and luxury hampers.

In addition to this we are going to award a prize to the student who sells the most amount of raffle tickets to further motivate students to sell the raffle tickets.

So if you are interested in participating in this fund raising initiative can you ask your son/daughter to come and see me in the PE office and I will provide them with some raffle ticket booklets or contact me directly on