Year 11 Parent Bulletin


6TH Form Open Evening
CCS Sixth Form Open Evening is on Wednesday 20 January. There will be three sittings 1745, 1825 and 1905 p.m. The attached letter provides you with further information about the event and explains the seat booking process.

Year 11 Parents Evening
Year 11 Parents Evening are taking place on Thursday 28 January for 11PGI, 11SHY, 11TP and 11STT and Thursday 4 February for 11JCR, 11LHD, 11JHN, 11RST (these dates are on the school website).

An email will be sent to you a week before to let you know the appointments are available to book on Insight.

Enrol to College
If your son / daughter is considering applying to college but have not done so as yet, I would request that you encourage him/her to do so online this month. This is avoid them being waitlisted for a course which can leave students feeling uncertain about their future plans.

I would also encourage students to apply to college as a back-up plan if they are considering an apprenticeship. Again this is to avoid them feeling disappointed and to maintain their self-esteem if they do not find employment before September 2016. With this option students can attend their college course in September and still continue applying for apprenticeship vacancies.

College Interview
Can you please inform Mrs Glover (Attendance Officer) 01604 669200 or in advance if your son / daughter needs to leave school early to attend his / her college interview. Please ensure they are prepared for their interview and bring the relevant information requested for their interview.

Mobile Phone
A polite reminder if a student is seen with their mobile out during school hours then it will be automatically confiscated and stored in a secure area.

BTEC Childcare Exam
Students have a 1 Hour external BTEC Childcare exam on Wednesday 13th January at 0900 a.m.

ICT and Computing catch up sessions after school until 4.30pm:
Tuesday: E12 with Mrs Sawbridge and Mr Atkinson
Wednesday: E1 Thursday: E12 with Mrs Sawbridge and Mr Atkinson
Attendance at least once a week is now compulsory to any students who have not finished their ICT or Computing controlled assessment work.

Revision Conference on Wednesday 13th January. Deadline to sign up has been extended to Monday 11th January.

GCSE Food Technology
All students are doing exam theory work in single lessons so will have a homework to complete each week. They need to bring their exam folder/revision packs back into school if they have it at home.

Double lessons are usually practical from now until February half term so ingredients need to be brought.

After school sessions in D7 Tuesday /Wednesday afterschool.

Final deadline for the entire Food Study Task (30%) is double lesson the week before February half term.

GCSE Drama
Drama rehearsals will be on Wednesday afternoon from 1530 – 1630 p.m. in the Drama studio 2 with Mrs Sawbridge and Mr Atkinson and E13 with Mr Ahern