Year 10 Work Experience Programme

Dear Parent,


Year 10s will be participating in their work experience programme from 27th June to 1st July, except those students who will be attending their curriculum overseas trip.

The aim of Work Experience for Year 10’s is to:

  • Give students an insight into the working environment
  • Allow them to explore their own skills and qualities
  • Help to develop their self-confidence and consider their future plans
  • Enhance their CV

We are currently delivering a number of briefing sessions to all students within tutor groups to provide them with an overview of the programme and the process they will need to follow.

To begin with, all students is given guidance of how to write a letter to an employer to request a work placement. Students will be writing their letter within registration time with support from their Tutor / Learning Support Assistant and have a deadline to submit it to me by 29 January.

Below is the process and timeline for our work experience programme to help you to support your son / daughter, along with the required placements as required.

Work Experience Process

Own placement form within Northamptonshire

Own placement from Outside Jurisdiction from 

It is important to note that I carry out a health and safety assessment for each placement before a student is allowed to work there and this does take time to complete. It is imperative therefore if your child if finding their own placement within Northamptonshire that the required paperwork is returned to me by no later than 6th May to allow enough time for the health and safety checks to be carried out. Without it your child will NOT be able to start their placement.

Please take time to read through the process and if you have any questions please contact me via email or on 01604 66920.

Yours faithfully,


Beverley Nurse
Work Related Learning Administrator