Courage & Kindness Awards March 2016

March 1st 2016

Dear Parent

As part of our school’s values education programme, we aim to develop an understanding of the values that we, as a school community, have chosen to encourage and promote within the lives of our children and young people.  Each term our school community focuses on a specific value and, together, we aim to uphold our chosen value through our school assemblies, within opportunities that arise through curriculum activities and special events.

In Term 3, we focussed on courage; what courage is and reflecting on how courage can be exemplified in different ways.  This term we will be working on encouraging a culture of kindness toward one another.  The Student Voice in the primary and secondary phases of the school are very keen to lead our school community in putting our chosen values into action and to find out about the courage and kindness that exists within our school.

The Caroline Chisholm Courage & Kindness Awards 2016 seek to recognise the courage and/or kindness that individual children and young people have shown in their lives.  Courage may be in the face of a difficult or challenging situation or in the face of personal adversity or suffering.  Kindness is about care and concern for others and is reflected in attitudes and actions towards others; kindness inspires kindness can lead to a cycle of happiness, well-being and altruism.  Your nomination can be exemplified in the context of courage and/or kindness shown at school, in the wider community or in a child’s or young person’s family life.

Nominations are invited from students, parents, staff and the wider school community.  Please follow the relevant link below to make your nomination:

Student Nomination Form:
Parent Nomination Form:  
Community Nomination Form:

All nominations will be treated with sensitivity and carefully considered by members of the Student Voice guided by senior staff.  Nominees will be contacted to obtain permission for the nomination to be put forward for a Courage & Kindness Award.

We look forward to receiving your nominations by Thursday March 24th 2016.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely


Katherine Patterson                           Jennifer Wright
Vice Principal                                       Assistant Principal