Uniform update


Dear Parent

Uniform Update

We would like to take this opportunity to inform parents of a few uniform updates:

Uniform 2016-2017 

As of September 2016, girls will be required to wear blouses with revere collars only. Many retailers and The Schoolwear Shop supply this specific type of blouse. This information is being provided now to allow parents sufficient time to purchase the required uniform.

Spring/Summer Term 2016 

In previous years, students have been allowed to wear an alternative navy polo shirt during the warmer school terms. As of 2017, the polo shirt will now be white in colour. We understand that parents might have purchased the navy polo shirts within the last year, so we are allowing for the navy polo and the white polo shirt to be worn during the Spring/Summer Term 2016, as we transition the navy polo shirts out of the uniform requirements.

Students are not permitted to wear any other polo shirt. It must be the logo polo shirt provided by The Schoolwear Shop. Caroline Chisholm School has purchased the remaining navy polo shirts and are offering them to students at a discounted price of £5. Again, the navy polo shirt may only be worn this Spring/Summer Term.

If you would like to purchase the white polo shirt for this Spring/Summer Term, and for the following years, please contact or visit The Schoolwear Shop in Northampton.

If you are interested in purchasing a navy polo shirt from Caroline Chisholm School, please contact Student Services.

The wearing of a polo shirt is an alternative item, and is not required by students. It is an option for the warmer weather in the Spring/Summer Term.

Yours sincerely


Senior Leadership Team