Year 11 Parent Bulletin – 06 May 2016


Year 11 have made great efforts to get out of bed a little earlier and attendance to the Early Bird Booster sessions has been very pleasing. Here’s a reminder of the session planned for next week:

Year 11 morning booster sessions 08:15 – 08:40 – C22 or lecture theatre:

Tue 10th May – Language terms (2) EH – OMAM and TKAM

Wed 11th May – Range of punctuation LEL – Language

Fri 13th May – What do the words in the question mean? MAE – Language/ Literature

After school on Wednesday 11th, we are running sessions on ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Jekyll and Hyde’.


It is not too late for students to register for the NCS programme. Click here to view further information.


27 May –  Study Leave. Students will be expected to attend school full time until they begin their Study Leave

27 May –  Expecting delivery of Leavers Hoodies

23 & 24 June –  Sixth Form Induction

05 July – Leavers Celebration Morning 0930 a.m. – 1230 p.m.

07 July – Year 11 PROM, Highgate House 1900 – 2330 p.m. Payment of £30.50 via is still being accepted if students wish to attend PROM. No payment will be accepted after 27th May.

25 August – GCSE Results Day. A letter from the student giving his/her consent is required if they wish an adult (even a family member) to collect their results. Alternatively, students can access their results via Insight on 25th August. Please note we do not post results to students.

25 August – CCS Yearbook will be ready for collection at GCSE Results Day. We will require a consent letter from the student if he/she wishes a friend/adult to collect it on their behalf. Yearbooks will not be posted to students.

We are still accepting payment of £15.50 for a CCS Yearbook via No payment will be accepted after 27th May.