End of Year Exams

Dear Parent

During the week of 20th to 24th June, students in Year 7-10 will be sitting end of year exams. The majority of the exams/assessments will take place during student’s regular lesson time, although each year group will also have one exam in the main Sports Hall so that they can experience the formal examination setting that we use with years 11, 12 & 13. Students will shortly receive their exam timetables during tutor time.

Sports Hall Exams
Thursday 23rd June – Period 1 & 2 Year 8 Maths,
Period 3 & 4 Year 9 English, Period 5 & 6 Year 7 Maths
Friday 24th June – Period 5 & 6 Year 10 English

Whilst the exams are set by the school (internal exams), the results are important as they will be used to monitor progress, identify student strengths, areas for improvement and confirm option choices for students in Year 9. In subject areas where students have recently sat or will be sitting formal external exams or controlled assessments (Year 10), students may not have exams for these subjects during this period.
Students will be informed of the importance of this exam period during tutor time and advised by their teachers the areas to revise. We welcome your support in encouraging students to revise and prepare appropriately for these exams.

Yours faithfully


Philip Ashton
Assistant Principal