Pre Exam Revision

Dear Parent

Please click here to see the timetable which shows the additional exam revision sessions that will take place for the upcoming exams. If students decide to attend the session within the school day, they will need to register with their regular teacher at the start of the lesson before proceeding to the specified room for revision. 

We expect students to attend lessons as normal up until the half term holiday, and in lessons where students have already completed their exams they will be able to use this time to revise for other subjects. After half term, students are welcome to come into their lessons as staff will still be available to lead revision sessions.

Quiet rooms will also be made available after half term so students wishing to revise in school rather than at home can do so. In this instance students will need to sign in and out of school each day (there is no need to sign in or out if students are coming in, to sit an exam).

Yours faithfully,


Mr Ashton
Assistant Principal