Introductory Letter to Year 10 Parents

2nd September 2016

Dear Parent,

I would like to take this opportunity of introducing myself to you as I will be your son / daughter’s Head of Year and will be providing them with career and pastoral support.

Punctuality, behaviour and how students apply themselves to their learning is critical for students to achieve the best of their ability. This will also put them in good stead to have a variety of options to choose from when considering their future plans. Equally this information is ALWAYS requested when we are asked for a reference by an Employer a Further Education Institution or Training Provider.

97% is the attendance target for all our CCS students which reflects our local authority guidance. We do monitor student’s attendance weekly and Mrs Glover (Attendance Administrator) will contact you if she is not notified of a student’s absence.

Please note if she does not receive notification of your child’s absence she will need medical evidence:

If your child has been absent for 5 days or more she will need one of the following:

  •  A prescription
  •  An appointment slip, card or letter

If your child has been absent for 10 days or more she will need one of the following:

  •  A Fit note
  •  A certified letter from a medical practitioner

Please do not hesitate to contact your son / daughter’s tutor (where necessary) if there is a medical or personal issue as it may have an impact on their attendance as well as on their focus on learning. If we understand a situation we can work together to support students and implement the right interventions to help them. Please feel assured that we will endeavour to manage the situation in a sensitive and confidential manner.

Throughout Year 10 we want to build student’s self-confidence by recognising their success and achievements. It is important for students to listen and put in place the guidance from their subject teachers and mentors to achieve the best of their ability. We want to spend the time supporting students with their development rather than on spending unnecessary time addressing continuous:

  •  Poor behaviour
  •  Poor attendance
  •  Punctuality
  •  Uniform and mobile phone infringements

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Yours faithfully,


James Gardiner
Head of Year 10