End of Term

Dear Parent,

As we come towards the end of term, we would like to take this opportunity to mention that the majority of students are coming in to school on time and are smartly dressed.

Looking forward to the next term and the change in weather we would like to remind parents and students, that hoodies, blue jeans and trainers are not part of the Sixth Form dress code. If you are planning on purchasing footwear during the school holidays, please ensure that it complies with the dress code which can be found on the school website http://www.ccs.northants.sch.uk/sixth-form/sixth-form-dress-code/. Just to clarify no converse or white rubber soles please.

Sixth Form tutors will continue to monitor the dress code and any students who are not dressed in accordance with the policy will be sent home to change.

Students should arrive at school no later than 8:40am and are required to register using the biometric system. All students are required to attend tutor time which commences at 8:45am.

Students are not currently allowed to go home during their independent study periods and are required to sign out if they leave site during lunch time. Students should sign in using the biometric system for the afternoon session no later than 1:35pm.

Please continue to report any absences due to illness either by text to 01604 420132, leave a message on the school’s absence line 01604 669200 or email sc9284005a@schoolcomms.com each morning of the absence. Students are not able to self-certificate, any absence should be reported by the parent. More details regarding absences can be found on the school website http://www.ccs.northants.sch.uk/parent-central/request-absence/.

Please note Y13 parents evening will be held on Thursday 10th November 2016. Details regarding how to book will be sent after half term.

Thank you for your continued support

Kind Regards

Sixth Form Team