Year 11 Parents re Tassomai (Science Revision Software)

Dear Parent,

Re: Tassomai revision software to improve upon Pre Public Exam grades in Science

We are aware that some of our students find it difficult to organise their revision, in particular:

  • Knowing where to start
  • Organising time so they revise all topics
  • Becoming overly worried about the amount to do
  • Doing ineffective revision by simply reading or copying information

We have the opportunity to subscribe students to a new web based service for their Science revision for Additional Science and Core Science. This website:

  • Organises their revision schedule for them, they simply need to log on once per day. They have access to testing on the content of the course which should be used in conjunction with their revision guides.
  • Tracks their progress through the course, in terms of content and their understanding of each topic
  • Will reschedule work to indicate if they are falling behind with revision
  • Will adapt the difficulty of questions, to retest weaker areas and add difficulty to areas of confidence
  • Progress and areas of strength/weakness are visible to their Science teacher as well as students
  • Parents receive a weekly update on their child’s progress

We do think that this could be a useful tool, particularly for students who are struggling to motivate themselves to revise. Unfortunately, the school cannot provide access for all students free of charge but we do have access available for a reduced price of £20 per student and would suggest that this would be a useful tool for many of our students. You will notice that the company is offering to refund the cost should your child not achieve an A*-C grade in their GCSE paper, this is dependent on them completing the work set by the software. We have arranged for a free 2 weeks trial of the software for Year 11 and will make log-in codes available for all students.

In order to make the most of the resource we would ask for your support in ensuring that your child is completing the work set by logging on each day, it may be helpful for you to set a fixed time of the day that they do this as part of their homework routine.

If you would like to subscribe after the 2 weeks trial of this resource please would you arrange to pay £20 via parent pay by 2/2/17. Please note that all unpaid accounts will be deleted shortly after this date and we will not be able to add additional students to the system.

If you require further information, please use this link to parental information or see

Yours sincerely,

Simon Gregson
Joint Head of Science