Information for parents whose children have been allocated a school space in September 2018

Information for Parents of children allocated to Year 7 for September 2018

The staff and Governors of Caroline Chisholm School are pleased to welcome you as parents of children allocated to Year 7 for September 2018

Relevant dates:

Document return dates:
20th April 2018 Data sheet
20th April 2018 Date of Birth confirmation/proof. (Copy Birth Certificate/Passport/NHS card)

20th April 2018



Address confirmation/proof (for your current address AND your application address if this was different:

·         Purchase proof/rental agreement

·         Council tax demand (current year)

·         Utility bill (gas/electricity/water) showing usage

Preference indication dates (if applicable to your child):
18th May 2018 Instrument lessons
25th May 2018 Language preference
Meeting dates:
1st May 2018 Ofsted Information Evening details can be found here
9th July 2018 Transition Day (for students)
9th July 2018 Induction evening (for parents and students)
16th July 2018 Online & E-Safety talk (please register your interest)


Documents required from you.

Please send all the requested documents by the return dates indicated above. If your child does not subsequently join us, these will be confidentially destroyed. Please either scan and e-mail to: placing your child’s name as the subject line or post to the school. Please note, the data sheet should be printed and posted please.

  1. Date of birth and home address confirmation/proof.
  2. Data Sheet . A further copy can be found here.


Instrument Lessons & Language Preferences/Interest replies.

You are able to express an interest for your child to receive instrument lessons and also indicate if you have a STRONG preference for the second language they will study in year 7 in addition to Spanish. The link to express preferences is here Please indicate your preferences by the date shown above if applicable to your child. You are also able to express an interest in the e-safety talk via the same document (details below).

  1. Language Preference. All students in Year 7 will learn Spanish but will also have the opportunity to learn a second language of either French or German. The ethos of our languages department is to teach the important skills needed to be successful in learning languages through two of the important European Modern Foreign Languages and would advise parents that students enjoy their language learning at CCS, regardless of the languages being studied. We like to keep the flexibility needed to group students as they come up to secondary school, however, if you have a strong preference about which language your child should study alongside Spanish then you have the opportunity to express a preference for your child. Please register this via the online form (link below), by Friday 25th May 2018. If you make no preference, your child will be allocated either French or German to learn alongside Spanish.
  2. Instrument Lessons. Our Music Department is currently able to offer instrument lessons for Brass, Guitar, Percussion, Strings, Voice, Woodwind and Keyboard/Piano. These lessons are provided by contracted visiting teachers from NMPAT. The cost is £68.00 per term for each instrument and includes instrumental hire if required. The fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable. The above cost is for the current academic year and MAY increase for 2018-19.
    Please confirm your initial interest via the online form (link above) by Friday 18th May 2018. Once you have confirmed this, our Music Department will send you further details. Please note, you are not committing to anything at this stage. If you have any queries please email
  3. There will be an e-safety talk for all Year 7 parents on the evening of Monday 16th July 2018 at 6:30-7:30pm (Amended time) delivered by the Northamptonshire County Council E-Safety Officer. More details will follow nearer the time.


For Your Information.

Transition Day for students will be Monday 9th July 2018. Further details will follow nearer the time.

Parents Induction Information evening will be Monday 9th July 2018. This is a key event in the transition process when you will have an opportunity meet form tutors and key staff. Further details will follow nearer the time.

Catering and Biometric Registration. Our school dining service is provided by Catering Academy who operate a cashless payment system using biometric registration. Information regarding this registration can be found here. Consent for your child to be registered is requested on the data sheet. If you do not give consent, your child will be unable to access any of our catering facilities.

PARENTPAY is our online payment system used for payments relating to music lessons/trips/clubs arranged by the school (not catering/lunches). You will be issued with a username and password for this prior to your child starting with us.

INSIGHT is our online portal for parents and it enables you to view reports, timetable and attendance information for your child. It is also used to book parents evening appointments and seats for other events. We will be using this system for seat booking for our Induction Evening and e-safety talk in July. You will be sent a username and password when we send details about our Information Evening.

Uniform/starting school information will be provided at our Parents Induction Information Evening.

Link for preference form:


Please direct any questions to our Admission Officer, Mrs R Guerriero.

Tel: 01604 669200 or e-mail