GCSE Results

GCSE Results were released today to students at Caroline Chisholm School, with students obtaining some really fantastic results. Overall, the number of students obtaining good grades has increased, with some students obtaining grade 9 in almost all subjects.

This year, 13% of entries obtained an 8/9 or A* – this is double the result from 2017.

27% of entries were 9-7 or A grades, with 60% of entries at 9-5 or B grades.

Just under 80% of all entries resulted in the 9-4 or C+ grade.

As is expected, these results are well above national and Northampton averages.

What was especially pleasing was that 32% of students obtained at least 1 A+ grade in English with 28% obtaining A+ in Maths.

The number of students obtaining a 4+ in both English and maths (the equivalent to a C grade) also increased, with just under 80% of students obtaining this measure, which is the highest it has been under the new grading system.