Latest DofE expedition news

Bronze and Silver Walking Expeditions from last weekend and the Silver Canoe training

The photos were taken on the  from the last two weeks. 53 students have now completed and passed their Bronze or Silver expedition section. 16 students have now completed their canoe training and are heading out next weekend for their expedition

Report from participating Yr10 pupil:

Our Duke of Edinburgh Expedition weekend started off bright and early at school ready to leave for Leicestershire. The rain hadn’t started yet but by the time that we arrived it was torrential rain. Within seconds of stepping off the bus, we were soaked but by lunchtime, the sun was out, and we had dried off. After a short stop for lunch, we carried on walking, passing a beautiful reservoir and seeing 2 steam trains. We arrived at Beaumanor Hall, slightly muddier than we started but quickly put up our tents. The rest of the afternoon included a trip to the adventure playground, cooking dinner, a game of Year 9’s vs Year 10’s in rounders and a chocolate fondue. Luckily, we didn’t see anymore rain, but we still had two more days to go.

The sunrise woke us all up at around 5:00 in the morning so we had eaten breakfast, packed up and were ready to leave before 8 o’clock. The walk was slightly longer than yesterday but we all managed to arrive at the campsite. We all got lost once or twice but everyone made it in the end. We had to put our tents up in the rain but luckily everything dried off for dinner and we were able to make s’mores over the campfire.

On the final day, we had a bit of a lie in, but we managed to pack away all our tents in record time and we were quickly off. We passed many different places including 2 quarries, a monastery and a reservoir. Around lunchtime it started raining so we never got to finish our lunchtime sunbathe, but we managed to quickly get into the woods to keep dry. Once again, everyone made it to the final destination and when we had managed to fit all our bags on the coach, we headed home all wanting a warm shower and our favourite dinners.

We all had an amazing weekend and we would like to thank Mrs French for organising all of it and all the teachers that made it possible for us to go. ”


Year 10 Canoeing

The canoeing trip started on the dreary morning that was last Wednesday, but that didn’t dampen our spirits! Students and teachers were eager to get in the boats and on the Nene. We started with a 3km canoe in a loop on the Nene practising technique, speed and getting in and out of the boats at different points. Needless to say we were all ready for a break after all the hard work.
After lunch and a breather we got back on the water to warm up again and practise some water safety and proficiency which included how to recover from capsizing, a little bit of swimming and a lot of getting wet and cold.
All pupils remained in high spirits throughout though and even had the energy to practise their best back flips and jumps off the pontoon into the Nene at the end!