Energy in Schools Internet of Things Project with Samsung.

The Computing Department are taking part in the Energy in Schools Internet of Things Project with Samsung.
Energy in Schools is a government funded initiative to help schools in the UK reduce their energy usage, reduce their energy bills, and to educate their pupils about energy efficiency. It includes activities for students such as:
Programming a Micro:bit to record temperature every minute, to measure the energy usage of an appliance every 30 seconds, to fetch data on the current level of coal-powered generation in the UK, on the live school electricity usage and to set the smart lightbulb to change colour based on this data; pupils can then use the Energy Platform to download and analyse this long term data.
They can also craft their own in-class digital projects to shown how energy is used in their school.

Lancaster University came into school on Wednesday and delivered an assembly to Year 7 and 8 to introduce the project. They talked about the importance of saving energy for the future of our planet and the generations to come.
We have been working hard to set up the sensors which Samsung provided, these include; temperature and motion sensors, smart electrical switches, smart light bulbs and door sensors.
A group of students, The Energy Champions, are now working on looking at ways to ‘spread the message’ and monitor and use the data in order to conserve energy in school in the future. We will be meeting once a week from September to drive the project onwards.







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