A Protective Services Memorial is currently being constructed at the Caroline Chisholm School Gallery, by Visual Art and Photography tutor Sam Bailey.

The collection numbering approximately 20,000 started when PC Roberts visited the site of Andrew Harper’s death (PC Harper had only been married for 4 weeks when he was killed whilst attending a burglary).  Arriving on a motorcycle, and so he couldn’t carry flowers, PC Roberts chose to leave his shoulder epaulette at the scene, and posted about it on social media.   Each of our service personnel have a unique number, and so this very personal act caught the public’s attention.

The memorial caught the attention of various media outlets, including BBC, ITV News and many more. Please see below a report by ITV News Anglia’s Matthew Hudson about the memorial.

PC Stuart Roberts, a parent of one of our students and a Forensic Police Officer, approached Sam at parents evening.  Sam practises as a Fine Artist when she’s not teaching, and has produced books of our fallen British Military Service Personnel, and so she was seen as the perfect fit for such a collection.

The donations have come from all over the world and represent Police, Fire, Ambulance, Paramedics, Nurses, Military, Navy, RAF, Air Ambulance, Prison officers, Border Force, Traffic Wardens, RNLI, Coastguards, Cadets to name but a few – we even have donations from K9 dogs.  Sam is now working on a mural of all the protective services from the epaulettes, ensuring the ranks, badges and numbers are still visible.  The mural will take months to construct, and when it’s ready, there will be an official unveiling.

On Monday 3 February. PC Roberts and Sam hosted TV crews from BBC, ITV and also BBC social media and radio; this was the first time all the epaulettes had been viewed together.  The sheer scale of the collection is breathtaking.

Please see below some links to the brilliant coverage of the memorial.

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