CanSat team success!

Our Year 12 CanSat team are through to the final!

A CanSat is a simulation of a real satellite, integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drink can. The challenge for students is to fit all the major subsystems found in a satellite, such as power, sensors and a communication system, into this minimal volume.

The team recently received some feedback on their second report, with judges noting, “This is a very high quality report, all aspects of the project – science, engineering, management and outreach – are on a very high level, far beyond expectation.”

The final will be hosted from 22 April to 24 April 2020.

Our Year 12 team have recently hosted workshops in school to Year 5 pupils to raise awareness for the CanSat project, where they had to make parachutes out of just 5 materials. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day!


We would like to wish our CanSat team the best of luck in the final and look forward to seeing their finished designs. 😊