A-Level trip to Paris

From 4 – 7 March, 37 of our A-Level History, English and Art students took part in a trip to Paris. They visited some famous sights such as: The Arc de Triomphe, World War I memorial, the Louvre and Eiffel Tower.

On the first evening in Paris, the students visited the Arc de Triomphe, had dinner at a Parisian restaurant, went shopping at Champ-Elyees and also went up the Eiffel Tower.

Teacher Dr Ideson, who accompanied the students also noted, “It was really magical seeing the Eiffel Tower wrapped in mist and we all conquered our fears of heights making the ascent to the top. Our view was admittedly a little obscured but it was still breathtaking.”

The students also took part in a French Revolution Walking Tour. Where they saw all the best sites of the revolution, including the Palais Royal where Desmoulins riled up the crowd before storming the Bastille. See photos below of our own interpretation of this iconic moment!


For a detailed account and more pictures from the trip, please click here to view our Paris 2020 blog.