CCS student Charlie Atkins and his team have put together his very own TEDxYouth@CarolineChisholmSchool event.

The event is just over 2 weeks away now and will be going live on YouTube with TEDxYouth@CarolineChisholmSchool on June 11 at 3pm.

You can access the LIVE event via:


*Please click on the icons above to load on the site.

The event boasts 6 speakers and 2 performers, including:

Miss Cambio, Miss Bailey, Mr Dallas, Mr Rich and Ellie Hamilton-Begley.

Bowen Wang will also be playing the piano and Tammy Galloway will play and sing!

The event will also include special guest and external speaker, Jamie Beaton, who is a graduate of Harvard, Stanford, he is currently a PhD student at Oxford and Co-Founder of Crimson a global company dedicated to levelling the playing field in world-leading university admissions, who will speak about the ‘Future of Education: How Online Schooling Could Create A New Paradigm Of Learning for the Next 100 Years’

For more information and where to stream the event, please visit: https://www.ted.com/tedx/events/38664