Setting up your device for school

As a student at Caroline Chisholm School, you have access to certain IT services and software. This page will detail what services are available and how you access them.

For guidance on laptop specification click here


GuideLink4The school provides access to the internet and school resources via a wireless network.

To find out how to connect your device follow the guide.



Guide Link All students from the secondary phase onwards can download a full copy of Office for Windows and Mac for free. You can install and use Office on up to 5 devices.

Installing Office is very simple and the process is explained in detail on this online course.



GuideLink2With your school account you get 1TB online storage, you can use this storage to backup your school work to mitigate against your device being lost or failing. It is also a simple way of moving work between devices.

Setting up OneDrive is detailed on this online course.



GuideLink3The school provides a remote desktop system that allows Windows PC, Mac’s and tablets to connect to a Windows Desktop. The remote desktop gives you access to Office and various printers in the school. To connect to the remote desktop you may need to install a connector app from your devices app store.

Connecting to the Remote Desktop is detailed on this online course.



GuideLink3Once you have installed Office and setup your OneDrive storage, you can use OneNote to create your own personal digital notebook. Use OneNote to collaborate with your friends, create to-do lists and keep revision notes for future exams. OneNote can be used on your laptop, mobile device and via a web browser, meaning that you are never far away from the key information you need.

Setting up OneNote is detailed on this online course.