Name Position
H Acreman Learning Support Assistant
B Ahern ICT/Computing Teacher
N Akhtar Head of Product Design and Graphics
N Albert Receptionist
M Aldridge English Teacher
K Ashton 2nd in Maths
P Ashton Assistant Principal
Y Ashton Inclusion Leader – Primary
C Atherton Drama Teacher
M Atkins Cover & Professional Development Administrator
M Atkinson ICT/Computing Teacher
S Bailey Art Teacher / KS3 Lead in Art
S Balfour MFL Teacher
B Ballantyne Subject Leader for Maths
H Barnes Teaching Assistant
R Barnett Supply Art Teacher
Z Bassett Learning Support Assistant
L Betts Intervention/English Teacher
T Beynon Learning Support Assistant
S Biggin Cover Supervisor
J Blaize Senior Pastoral Manager Year 11
P Bloor Study Centre Manager
R Bonsor MFL Teacher
L Briggs MFL Teacher
C Brown Learning Support Assistant
M Brown Design & Technology Teacher
S Burditt Science Teacher i/c Physics
C Burgess-Wilson English Teacher
A Burnell Reprographics Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
A Cambio Humanities Teacher
C Campbell School Counsellor
E Carter Outdoor Learning Specialist
J Carter Politics Teacher
J Casswell Assistant Principal
J Chamberlain Administrator – PE
E Christofi Finance Assistant
P Clarke PE / Humanities Teacher
M Clarkson Pastoral Support Officer
E Coe Intervention/English Teacher
E Coe Science Teacher
J Collinson EVC Administrator
N Coleman Primary Teacher
A Colman Assistant Principal
H Cowan Literacy Learning Support Assistant
C Cozens PE Teacher
A Crawte Assistant Principal
M Cutlack Senior ICT Technician / Network Manager
H Dales Maths Teacher
G Dallas Subject Leader for Social Sciences
M Daniells Primary Teacher
S Davies MFL Teacher (Maternity Leave)
J Dunn Sociology Teacher
L Earl English Teacher
S Ellis Humanities Teacher
A Evans Joint 2nd in PE
H Falconer Teaching Assistant
D Fern Maths Teacher
L Finch Learning Support Assistant
L Flanagan Science Teacher
A France Cover Supervisor
H Freezer Business Studies Teacher
H French Design & Technology Teacher
J Gardiner Science Teacher / Head of Year 10
N Giles Advanced Skills Learning Support Assistant
Y Gill Human Resources Administrator
T Girvan Learning Support Assistant – Primary
C Glover Attendance and Student Support Officer
L Graham Primary Teacher
C Grant Design & Technology Teacher / Art Teacher
J Green Primary Office Manager
L Gregory-Ring Dance Instructor
S Gregson Joint Subject Leader for Science
R Guerriero Admissions Officer
M Guiver Responsible for Analysing and Securing Progress 11-16
S Halsey Assistant Head of Sixth Form / PE Teacher
C Ham Science Technician
K Hammond Senior Literacy Learning Support Assistant
L Hammond Receptionist (Maternity Leave)
A Hanley Reprographics Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
S Hanna Science Teacher
G Harris Assistant Head of Sixth Form / Psychology Teacher
T Harvey Humanities Teacher
S Hatch Learning Support Assistant
J Hatwood Science Teacher
E Hawgood Learning Support Assistant – Primary
J Holman Science Teacher
S Holt Subject Leader for Performing Arts
A Horton Design & Technology Teacher / ITT Co-ordinator
J Howes Learning Resource Centre Manager
E Husband Subject Leader for English
J Hussain Specialist Primary Teacher – RE & Music
J Ideson Humanities Teacher
T Iles Primary Teacher
D James Principal
B Jeffery Business Manager – Communications & Resources
C Jones ICT/Computing Teacher
J Kelly Reprographics Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
H Kennedy Learning Support Assistant
A King Cover Supervisor
S Kirk English Teacher
J Knight English Teacher
K Lamb Drama Teacher
D Lancey PA to Principal
E Langridge Lead Practitioner
N Laundon Specialist Early Years Teaching Assistant
H Leggett Primary Teacher
E Lightwing Teaching Assistant Primary
A Little Advanced Skills Learning Support Assistant
M Lopez Assistant Principal
C Luxton Curriculum Support
E Lynes Lower KS2 Phase Leader
C Lyons Senior Science Technician
P Mackie Economics Teacher
Y Mallet Science Teacher
S Man Examinations Manager
M Manning Science Teacher
G Mason Teaching Assistant
P McCaffrey Teaching Assistant
D McCormack Learning Support Assistant
L McCormack Subject Leader for Humanities
S McNair Upper KS2 Phase Leader
J Melling PE Teacher / Head of Year 9
M Merrick Senior Administrator
S Millar Primary Teacher
S Millburn Design & Technology Technician
J Miller-Chalk Pastoral Manager Year 7 & 8
P Mistry Curriculum Support Supervisor
T Mitton MFL Teacher
S Morley Senior Lunchtime Supervisor / Administration Assistant Music (Mon,Wed,Thu 10-12)
K Murphy Primary Teacher
L Murphy Humanities Teacher
T Nimmo Primary Teacher
C Norman Maths Teacher
L Norton Maths Teacher
B Nurse Work Related Learning and Pupil Premium Administrator
S O’Hara Subject Leader for Business
G Olowoyo Cover Supervisor
C Page Primary Teacher responsible for Maths and Science
E Page History Teacher
C Parsons Teaching Assistant
B Patel Maths Teacher
K Patterson Vice Principal
A Phillips Assistant Principal
K Platt Learning Support Assistant
E Poole Science Teacher
A Preston Maths Teacher
H Preston Learning Support Assistant
T Purkiss Humanities Teacher
L Readman Music Teacher
E Rees Maths Teacher
L Reynolds Science Technician
J Rich Joint 2nd in PE
K Ritchie Primary Teacher
A Robinson Learning Support Assistant
D Robinson Inclusion Leader – Secondary
M Robinson Lunchtime Supervisor
S Rose Maths Teacher
D Russell Cover Supervisor
J Sanby Maths / Science Teacher
A Sanders Receptionist (Maternity Cover)
G Sangar Curriculum Support
K Sawbridge Subject Leader for ICT/Computing
B Schultz-Bye Exams Assistant
C Scott Subject Leader for MFL
R Scott 2nd in MFL
E Seaman History Teacher
N Shah Learning Support Assistant
C Shaw English Teacher / KS5
S Sheehan Teacher i/c of Psychology
E Short English Teacher
M Simmonds Key Stage 1 Leader
D Sinclair Learning Support Assistant
K Smart Primary Teacher
J Smith Inclusion Leader, Learning Diffs (Lit)
N Smith Maths / Assertive Mentor
E Snodgrass Pastoral Support Officer
A Spedding Teaching Assistant
E Starr MFL Teacher
M Starr Head of Music
S Stephenson Data Manager
V Strickland Learning Support Assistant
E Sullivan Learning Support Assistant
C Sumner Primary Teacher
P Swords Inclusion Manager
S Sweetland Director of Finance
A Symmons Acting Foundation Stage Leader
A Svajcsik Art Technician
C Thompson Sixth Form Senior Administrator
B Ullmann English Teacher
L Unsworth MFL Teacher
E Upson English Teacher / KS3
J Vandersteen Science Teacher / Subject Leader for Biology
S Varley Senior Finance Officer
K Vince English Teacher
G Wakefield Vice Principal
S Walker Acting Subject Leader for Art
J Waller Learning Support Assistant – Primary
L Walsh Subject Leader for Design & Technology
H Westwood Teacher of Financial Studies
L West SENCO / Inclusion Leader
K White Learning Support Assistant – Primary
S White Reprographics Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
E Wiid Joint Subject Leader for Science
C Wilkie Acting Director of Sixth Form / Assistant Principal
D Willmott Teaching Assistant
E Williams Teaching Assistant
N Wilmot Inclusion Leader (Maternity Leave)
A Wittich Learning Support Assistant
K Wittich-Jackson Subject Leader of PE
E Wolmarans Teaching Assistant
J Wood PE Specialist Primary Phase
D Worthington Teacher in Charge of Child Care
D Wright Administrator SENCO
P Wynn 2nd in Learning Support
M Yates Music Teacher