Our Vision & Values

Caroline Chisholm School is a safe, secure and inspirational learning environment at the heart of our community where everyone is equally valued and respected.

A community built on:


by developing the school culture where everyone:
• strives to be the best they can become
• aspires to ambitious goals
• nurtures and supports


where everyone develops self-belief by:
• overcoming challenges
• taking calculated risks
• upholding our shared values


where everyone is inspired to:
• become a high performing learner
• embrace a range of rich and diverse opportunities
• celebrate achievement in all its forms

Everyone Every Lesson Every Opportunity

We aim to provide school experiences and opportunities that promote and encourage ambition, confidence and success for everyone – for all students, all staff and through the effective support and engagements of parents. We want this in every lesson and activity, both in and out of school to ensure that everyone can aim high and unlock their individual potential. We will encourage each child to make the most of every opportunity so that their educational experience at school is as enjoyable, rewarding and as successful as possible – nurturing the best in


Our Values

We have a globe in our school badge because Caroline Chisholm travelled round the globe and the stars indicate her journey.

In her life she showed –


We wish to encourage these values in all our children.  We have an ethos of kindness, tolerance and honesty throughout the Centre for Learning and we expect everyone in our school community to uphold this.

We value learning

We want our young people to be responsible citizens in modern Britain, to engage positively in the global economy and to respect other cultures throughout the world.  Learning should be an enjoyable, rewarding activity for all age groups.  We encourage all our young people to participate in sport, performing arts, travel and outdoor learning.  As young people grow, we prepare them for working life and family life, taking with them the virtues and values we have encouraged throughout their time at Caroline Chisholm School.