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Year 4

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  • Curriculum Matters - Term 3

    Published 09/02/21

    During Term 3,  children learned about the natural elements of earth and fire with a focus on volcanoes and earthquakes. Pupils proudly demonstrated their HPL Creating and Meta-thinking skills when creating their own volcanoes that could withstand an earthquake.

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  • Curriculum Matters - Term 2

    Published 02/12/20

    For our Sensational Start in Year 4, pupils became artists and crafters for the day. They created their our own silhouette pictures using opaque and translucent materials. We then discussed how light travels from different sources and which objects it can pass through.

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  • Curriculum Matters - Term 1

    Published 26/10/20

    This term, our Year 4 children have been learning about 'Survival' and the basic needs we have as humans to survive. 

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