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Year 6

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  • Curriculum Matters - Term 6

    Published 08/07/21

    Please find attached below our Term 6 Curriculum Matters newsletter for Year 6.

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  • Curriculum Matters - Term 5

    Published 29/04/21

    This term we have continued with our learning theme 'Far From Home' and pupils have developed their knowledge on World War 2, studying Anne Frank as well as undertaking their very own code breaking tasks and researching Bletchley Park. 

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  • Curriculum Matters - Term 4

    Published 10/03/21

    In term 4, pupils have continued to develop their WWII knowledge by learning about key events such as D-Day and VE Day.  They also have enjoyed themed learning in Music and Drama!

    Year 6 have also designed their very own model Anderson Shelters and displayed their Creating skills.

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  • Curriculum Matters - Term 3

    Published 09/02/21

    This term our Year 6 pupils explored everyday life for children and their families during the Second World War.  The pupils used their research skills to develop presentations and showed creativity when making their own gas mask boxes and evacuation labels. 

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  • Curriculum Matters - Term 2

    Published 02/12/20

    We have continued with our fantastic learning theme 'Enchanting East' for term 2 and children recently had the opportunity to develop their artistic skills by de-signing and making their own Terracotta Warrior out of clay.

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  • Curriculum Matters - Term 1

    Published 26/10/20

    This term our Year 6 children have been learning about the 'Enchanting East' and have enjoyed taking part in some activities including origami, Manga cartoon design and quizzes. 

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