CCS SEN Provision

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Type of Provision

A unit provision within Caroline Chisholm School Secondary Phase for students from Year 7 to Post 16 with a diagnosis of high functioning ASD and Autism. There are a maximum of three places in each year cohort based on an overall unit provision for ten places, including post 16.

Admission Criteria and Arrangements

All admissions will be determined by the Local Authority in accordance with the ‘SEN and Disability Code of Practice’, July 2014, if the student has an EHC plan or in accordance with the ‘SEN Code of Practice’, November 2011, if the student has a statement of SEN. Consultation with the school will be in accordance with these documents, before the Local Authority makes a decision about placement.

Characteristics of the School

Caroline Chisholm School is a large all-through school (4-19 years), located in South Northamptonshire, predominantly serving its local community of Wootton, Wootton Fields, Grange Park, Quinton and Courteenhall.

Description of Provision

The SEN Unit will enable students from Year 7 to Year 13 to succeed in the mainstream setting by removing barriers to learning and by providing:

  • A supported inclusive educational experience
  • Social support
  • Aspects of TEACHH
  • Advice to teachers on structure and learning styles

Curriculum delivery takes place both in mainstream lessons and the SEN Unit base through carefully planned strategies, the use of structure and differentiated delivery to promote effective learning. The base offers targeted individual and group work and the delivery of a social curriculum in all aspects of the day, especially at less structured times of the day. Students will be provided with immediate and continuous access to the dedicated suite of rooms at all times. There is an expectation that students must be able to access a proportion of mainstream lessons commensurate to their needs.

Students will have at least one score within the average ability range as measured on a standard test of cognitive ability. This will have been assessed within two years prior to admission to the SEN Unit. Students may display challenging behaviours resulting from their Autism but challenging behaviours are not their identified primary need.
Arrangements for Including Students in Mainstream.

Strategies for including students in mainstream are put in place on an individual basis depending on the level of need.

These strategies include:

  • Differentiated work
  • Seating plans
  • Exam access arrangements
  • LSA support within lessons
  • Student specific training for staff

Review Arrangements

Role of School:

Review arrangements for students with EHC plans and for students with statements of SEN are set out in the relevant SEN Codes of Practice. Caroline Chisholm School will adhere to these, ensuring that due process is followed and that relevant timeframes are adhered to.

The progress of each student is reviewed and formally reported to parents at least termly throughout the year. All EHC/Statements of SEN will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Role of the Local Authority:

The Local Authority will review a student’s EHC plan and statement of SEN in accordance with the relevant SEN Codes of Practice. The Local Authority will ensure that due process is followed and that relevant timeframes are adhered to.

Monitoring and Evaluation

For students:

  • In addition to school internal assessments, review and monitoring, each student has a statutory review of their statement/EHCP. This offers a formal setting for the discussion and review of the progress and provision of the Statement of Special Educational Need.
  • Care Plans and Behaviour Plans are written and reviewed on a needs basis.
  • The Unit follows the whole school policy with regards to parents’ evenings and reports.
  • A full range of targets are used.

For the provision:

  • Annual review of the provision by the Local Authority
  • Regular reviews of the provision by the Governing Body
  • Inclusion of the Learning Support Department in the cycle of Internal Reviews
  • Informal, weekly meetings of the Learning Support Team to consider, amongst other issues, progress and standards in the SEN Unit.

Exit Arrangements

Should a review recommend that a student returns to full-time mainstream education, or to a more appropriate provision, a decision would be made in the best interests of the student in terms of ongoing educational setting.  Due process would be followed in either eventuality and it is expected that the Local Authority would work in partnership with us to secure the best outcomes for the student.

Future Development of the Provision

There may be scope in the future to offer some outreach provision in terms of support and guidance for professionals in other educational settings.

Staffing Details

The Assistant Principal (Inclusion) has strategic responsibility for all aspects of SEN across the school. The SEN Unit Manager has holistic responsibility for teaching and learning and student progress for all SEN Unit students.

Teaching staff in the SEN Unit have specialist knowledge of Autism.

All mainstream teaching staff will be offered regular INSET on ASD and in line with the Code of Practice will be expected to use their best endeavours to ensure all student needs are met. All support staff are offered regular detailed training in the understanding of Autism and best approaches in terms of in class support.

Staff and Governors at Caroline Chisholm School are committed to ensuring the quality of provision in the SEN Unit provision.