Reporting Absence

In the case of a child being absent from school due to illness, parents have three options to report their absence:

  • Text 01604 420132 with details of your child’s full name, form, reason for absence and expected date of return
  • Leave a message on the school’s absence line, Primary 01604 669210 / Secondary 01604 669200
  • Email each morning of the absence.

If a message is not received through any of these methods, it will be assumed that the child has returned to school. (Secondary only) If all else fails, please contact main reception on 01604 669200 to report the absence.

If your child is suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting, they must stay off school for 48 hours until they have not been sick or had diarrhoea for at least 2 days.

Parents who have failed to inform the school of their child’s absence will receive a text message; parents then have the remainder of the school day to contact the attendance line. If no contact has been made by 3:30pm, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

Absences due to illness will normally be authorised once you tell us. Please note that in cases of absence more than five days, we may need the support of medical evidence.

Absence due to the funeral of a close family member, medical appointments, music exams and driving tests (up to half a day) will be authorised, provided advance notice is given to the school.

Absences for any other reason (planned absences more than half a day) will only be authorised at the discretion of the Principal. To seek this authorisation parents should submit a Request of Absence form as soon as possible before the planned absence. The form can be found on our website it is also available from student services.

Please note that a request of absence will only be granted in exceptional circumstances If an application is declined and a student is then absent due to illness during the period for which the leave of absence was requested, the absence will only be authorised if supported by medical evidence, for example a doctor’s certificate.  All unauthorised absences of 10 days or more will be referred to the Educational Inclusion Partnership; this may result in a fixed penalty notice being issued or prosecution in the magistrate’s court (section 7 of the Education Act).

Leaving school early

Any student needing to leave school early e.g. for a medical appointment etc., MUST sign out.  Primary students sign out in Primary reception, Yrs. 7 – Yrs. 11 sign out in Student Services, informing school via absence line/ schoolcomms.  Yrs. 12 & Yrs. 13 sign out in the Sixth Form Office presenting a letter from their parents/carers, a doctor’s appointment card or similar. If a student becomes ill during the school day, medical assistance will be sought via the on call system and if appropriate permission to leave will be given by the attendance officer or a member on senior leadership team. Any students who leave the school site without signing out during the school day (excluding lunchtime 12:45-1:35 sixth form only) will be issued with an unauthorised absence.