Secondary Ladder to Success


We hold high expectations of our students. We want every one of them to succeed in everything they do. We will be celebrating these successes by contacting parents when students achieve 15 conduct points (achievement points minus any behaviour points). As students receive more conduct points we will celebrate this with you and ensure your child receives the appropriate recognition.
We also believe it is essential that students understand that receiving behaviour points will have a negative impact on their own learning and progress. When students receive five behaviour points, we will alert you to this. If this number increases, we will inform you and your child will receive a consequence so that they fully understand the importance of behaving appropriately and being fully equipped at school. Behaviour points can be issued for inappropriate behaviour, lack of equipment, homework not being completed on time or not to the necessary standard.
In order to support your child to succeed you could:
Remind them to check their equipment daily. Do they have all the necessary equipment for each lesson?
Ensure they have a suitable space at home to complete homework. Ideally, this should be a quiet space without any distractions.
Ask them to check what homework they have. Have they completed it on time? Are they proud of the standard?
If they have been absent from school, encourage them to catch up on any work missed, if this is possible. This includes checking on any missed homework.
The majority of behaviour points could be avoided with a well-equipped pencil case and work completed on time! We want all of young people to be independent; however, a gentle reminder of the above will always help!