Primary Sports Participation

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Sports Participation & Competition

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At Caroline Chisholm School we aim to provide a full and varied programme of sporting opportunities through which we actively promote a spirit of both participation and competition. It is our aim for every child and young person to develop a love of sport and an understanding that sport helps to keep people physically and mentally healthy and is also good for communities.

In the primary phase of the school we offer a range of sports through our core PE curriculum and our extra-curricular clubs programme provides further opportunity to take part in recreational and competitive sports. Our termly ‘House’ competitions enable every child to represent their house in their chosen sport and our annual sports days enable participation for every child and the opportunity to compete in both team and individual events.

In line with Government policy we work very hard to offer an extensive opportunities for our children and young people to compete in intra-school, inter-school and regional competitions. Playing sport at school or in a local club is also the first step to competition at a higher level which helps improve our reputation as a sporting nation, and contributes to economic growth.

Team Selection

At CSS, we aim to include all children in opportunities to participate in internal and external sports teams. We also recognise that children with sporting talent should have the opportunity to compete at a higher competitive level. Team members are selected and invited to participate through performance in PE lesson, extra-curricular clubs and training sessions. When appropriate, trials will be held to select team members. Attendance at and commitment to clubs and training are also important factors when selecting teams.

* For some external ‘A-Team’ competitions where the school’s team has the opportunity to progress on to a higher level (district/regional/national), we select the strongest possible team to compete confidently against A-Teams from other schools. By selecting a strong team it enables our talented children to progress to the next level and reach their sporting potential. A-Team competitions can also provide opportunities for individual talent to be spotted by sports professionals.

* For other external team competitions, children of different abilities also have the opportunity to represent the school. We aim to facilitate a full programme of non A -Team competitions across the main sporting disciplines and, in doing so, more children have the opportunity to develop their skills and progress. These external competitions include inter-school tournaments and friendly fixtures with other Northampton primary schools

* A programme of internal sports competitions is run every term as part of our House system. Each child has the opportunity to choose their preferred sport and represent their House every year – everyone is expected to ‘have a go’ in an atmosphere of encouragement and enjoyment for all.

The recent Government sports funding initiative has helped to build a strong and developing programme of sporting opportunities in the primary phase and together with the secondary phase PE Team we aim to provide outstanding PE & Sports provision at Caroline Chisholm School.