Remote Desktop Help

Windows Users

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 all come with the Remote Desktop client already installed. To access our remote desktop servers, you only need to download either of the Staff or Student RDP connection files (available on previous page) and then double click them to run the connection. You can safely ignore any security warnings that may appear.

Mac Users

Mac OS X does not come with a remote desktop client installed as standard, you can download the client here.

Once you have installed the client, you can download and run the RDP connection files in the same fashion as a Windows user.

Tablet Users

No configuration of the apps is necessary, download the RDP connection files (Grey Coloured Links) on the previous page. These files should launch the client app, setup the connection automatically and prompt for login.

Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet users have a RDP client installed with the operating system, and also have a free RDP touch based app available on the Windows Store.

Android and iPad users have official apps available on their retrospective app stores as detailed on the previous page.

Further Reading

You can read more about connecting to the school wireless and accessing RDP on our “Bring your own Device” section.