Revision Guides


The below revision guides, published by CGP, are tailored for the GCSE 9-1 course that Year 9 and 10 students will sit. Although it is not essential to have a revision guide we strongly recommend that you purchase these books as they enable students to work more effectively at home. There are also revision workbooks available, the idea is that students write in these using the revision guide as an aid – this gives them something active to do whilst revising. We have linked to them via our website for your convenience but you are of course free to source them from whatever merchant you wish.

There are also links to the course textbook that students use in class should you wish to purchase a copy to use at home.

Combined Science

If your child's target grade is from 1-5 we would recommend that you purchase the foundation revision guide. If your child's target grade is 6-9 then they will need the higher tier guide.

Triple Science