Art – Year 10

The theme for the Year 10 scheme of work is: ’STRUCTURES

Autumn Half-Term 1

Introduction -skills-based core tasks:

Drawing and painting from primary and secondary sources.

A variety of objects or images relating to the theme ‘Structures’

Research-based tasks focusing on works by relevant artists/genres – land art, architecture, sculpture, installation art

Autumn Half-Term 2

Manipulation of the formal elements

Evidence of effective exploration of a range of 2D/3D media and techniques e.g.

  • Silkpainting, clay work, painting,
  • printing,collage,mixed media work
  • Development of sketchbook skills

Gallery visit: Tate Modern

  • Presentation/ documentation of gallery visit
  • Development of review, reflection and evaluation skills

Spring Half-Term 1

Young Photographer Competition sponsored by the Rotary Club – launch of mini project.

Focus: Composition

Development of individual lines of inquiry based on personal interpretation of the theme. Students produce a number of ideas for possible outcomes in sketchbooks.

Gallery visit: Saatchi Gallery – Documentation of visit

Spring Half-Term 2

  • Photography Exhibition
  • Preparations for Residential visit to inspire further ideas relating to the theme of  ‘Structures’ – studies of the landscape to be produced by all students
  • Critical and contextual work including reviews of landscape work produced by established artists.
  • Weekend Residential Visit to Norfolk and visit to Salsey Forest/local area of interest

Summer Half-Term 1

  • Follow up and extension work inspired by Residential visit and local forest visit.
  • Visual diary including sketches, photographs, paintings, notes collages etc..
  • Development of final pieces and annotated supporting studies showing links with relevant artists.

Summer Half-Term 2

Focus on the finishing of well planned outcomes together with extensive supporting studies and meaningful critical comment in sketchbooks.

Students should produce at least one full sketchbook to support their final pieces.

Final pieces may be 2D or 3D; students can use any medium.