Art – Year 11


The theme for the Year 11 coursework scheme of work is: ‘LANDSCAPES’ Students will have a choice of starting point for the Externally Set Assignment

Autumn Half-Term 1

Introduction of the theme ‘LANDSCAPES’
Preparations for the residential visit to Norfolk, to inspire ideas for the landscape project
Weekend Residential Visit to Norfolk involving students who did not participate in the first visit at the end of Year 10.
Follow-up and extension work inspired by the Residential Visit.

Expectations for the mock exam project:

  • Drawing and painting tasks relating to the theme (primary and secondary sources)
  • Research-based tasks focusing on works by relevant artists
  • Reference to prior learning and residential visit to Norfolk

Autumn Half-Term 2

  • Development of ideas through investigations informed by contextual and other sources.
  • Exploration of materials and techniques.
  • Gallery visit –artists inspired by landscapes who have taken different approaches to this subject.
  • Documentation of gallery visit
  • Outcomes planned by students.
  • Final outcome produced in exam conditions (10 hours)

Spring Half-Term 1

  • Students revisit and refine their mock exam project to improve any areas of weakness
  • Externally Set Assignment Paper is distributed and preliminary work begins in sketchbooks
  • Development of individual lines of inquiry based on personal interpretation of the theme continues. Gallery Visit to support exam work

Spring Half-Term 2

Students continue to record ideas, observations and insights relevant to their intentions. Students produce evidence of their visual journey based on their chosen question in their sketchbooks, as they prepare for their exam.

Summer Half-Term 1

  • 10 hour practical examination – outcomes can be in any medium, so outcomes will vary according to students’ interests and strengths.
  • Detailed evaluation of the final piece and the supporting process work will be completed following the exam.
  • Students continue to work on any ‘gaps’ in the supporting work.

Summer Half-Term 2

Students continue to add to, refine and complete any outstanding practical coursework. This includes either conclusive pieces or supporting sketchbook work. Annotation of the process work and evaluative commentary to be completed in coursework sketchbooks.