Art – Year 8

During year 8, students are taught on a carousel basis; they will be taught visual art and drama each for three half term periods throughout the year, alternating between the two subjects. The theme for the Year 8 scheme of work is: ‘CULTURES’

Autumn Half-Term

X/Y Band – Rotation 1

Introduction to the art and design work of a number of diverse cultures e.g. Aboriginal; African; South American; European and Indian communities.

Students will produce a variety of 2D visual work in sketchbooks, demonstrating a range of visual skills and processes including drawing, painting and mixed media.

Spring Half-Term

X/Y Band – Rotation 2

Students will research the work of various artists and designers to gain a greater understanding of the context in which their work was produced, and to provide a context for their own practical work. They will explore block printing and collage techniques.

A visit to view the huge collection of artefacts at the Pitt Rivers Museum will enrich the learning experience and inspire further exploration of diverse approaches to visual art.

Summer Half-Term

X/Y Band – Rotation 3

Students will explore a wider range of techniques in order to develop more conclusive 2D and/or 3D work inspired by their cultural research. This may include: papier-mache; claywork; wire construction. They will further develop their skills in order to produce a final outcome either a Painting or a print or a sculpture.