Art – Year 9

During year 9, students are taught on a carousel basis; they will be taught visual art and drama each for three half term periods throughout the year, alternating between the two subjects. The theme for the Year 9 scheme of work is: ‘NATURAL/MANMADE

Autumn Half-Term

X/Y Band – Rotation 1

Students will explore the theme, producing a range of drawings and paintings from primary and secondary sources.

Reference to a number of artists whose art and design work has been inspired by the natural and the built environment, including Lewin, Goldsworthy, Gaudi, Kapur, O’Keeffe, Paolozzi.. Students present their research creatively in their sketchbooks.

Spring Half-Term

X/Y Band – Rotation 2

Continuing with the theme, students will produce detailed designs in their sketchbooks, based on Gaudi’s architectural structures. Students combine drawing, painting and collage techniques.

Students produce a series of photographs which focus on composition looking at shape, pattern, texture and form in the natural or the manmade environment.

Summer Half-Term

X/Y Band – Rotation 3

Students will develop more conclusive 2D and/or 3D work inspired by their research and sketchbook work. This may include printing/wire construction / ceramic pieces. They will further develop techniques in order to produce a final outcome either a Painting or a repeat print or a sculpture.