Design Technology – Year 8

Module 1


To introduce students to the subject of Electronics. To design and make an electronic Nightlight. To ensure students are aware of safe practise within the Electronics room. To reinforce the importance of design booklets & self-evaluation.

  • To give pupils a basic knowledge of 6 everyday electronic components
  • To allow students to practise soldering technique
  • To understand how choices they make now will affect future generations
  • To allow students to see and use CAD/CAM to generate stickers for their product.

Module 2


The aims of the Year 8 Textiles rotation are:

  • To construct a decorative patch work pillow case that includes at least 4 different techniques
  • To learn the techniques Batik, Tie dye, Quilting and Appliqué
  • To find out where the techniques came from and how they are used elsewhere
  • To explore different fastenings that can be added to the back of the pillow

Module 3

Resistant Materials

  • Students design and make a vase to hold a single stem flower.
  • The design will be based around an abstract pattern. Students will research abstract art and designs then design their own pattern.
  • They will research and practise a range of wood joints.
  • Students will build on their knowledge of tools and equipment.

Module 4


Students build on the knowledge and understanding gained in Year 7. There is a focus on the role of starchy foods and how to make these into appealing and appetizing meals. They will learn how to interpret food labels and the role of all the nutrients in our diet. They will be assessed on their ability to plan and make a balanced meal independently.

Module 5


Students develop their understanding of Graphics by exploring design software and computer based tasks.

They use the skill learnt to market a film of their choice, creating packaging and advertising to appeal to a specified target group. They also look into a range of theoretical aspects of Graphics including typography, layout and colour.

Module 6

Design Skills

Students learn a variety of techniques to present creative ideas and communicate their thinking more recognisably and using a variety of techniques from colour sketches, drawing boards and associated equipment to Computer Aided Design using PC’s. The main aim of this unit is to encourage students to explore different ways of communicating ideas so they find a way they are comfortable with.

They learn 1 point perspective, 2 point perspective, Isometric drawing, Orthographic drawing and rendering shapes to represent specific materials.