English – Year 10 – Language

Autumn Half-Term 1

English Today

Controlled Assessment

Developing studying written language skills to analyse non-fiction texts and developing writing skills to express ideas and information clearly and accurately.

20% of English Language GCSE

Autumn Half-Term  2

Spoken Language

Controlled Assessment

Developing skills in analysing spoken language that we hear and use and developing skills in writing spoken language by analysing language from a range of sources.

20% of English Language GCSE.

To include speaking and listening activities according to current specification.

Spring Half-Term 1 / 2 / Summer Term 1

Writer’s Voice

Externally Assessed

Developing skills in studying written language: analysing writer’s choice of linguistic, grammatical and structural features. The chosen text can be the same as the text studied for the Different Cultures and Traditions examined unit in the Literature course

60% of English Language GCSE

Controlled Assessment catch up

Opportunities will be given to students to replace earlier pieces and to complete any outstanding speaking and listening tasks during the Spring half term

Summer Half-Term 2

Contemporary Drama

Controlled Assessment

To study on page a contemporary drama text, developing skills in analysing theme, characterisation, dramatic devices and language.

10% of English Literature GCSE

(Unseen Poetry preparation – the study of unseen poems will be conducted throughout the remaining time and is part of the externally assesses Poetry Unit (25% of English Literature GCSE)