Geography – Year 10

Autumn Half-Term 1

Living in an Active zone

Unit of work on tectonic activity. The causes, consequence and future of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Autumn Half-Term 2


Unit of work on global population. Looking at trends and changes in population, migration and the future.

Spring Half-Term 1

Climate Change

Unit of work looking at global climate patterns and impact of climate change on Iceland and Mali plus impact of rising sea levels.

Spring Half-Term 2


Unit of work looking at globalisation, a shrinking world, impact of multi -national companies such as Nokia, the NHS and trade and aid.

Summer Half-Term 1


Unit of work looking at the processes of rivers, river landforms and how people use them. Focus on river flooding, impacts and management.

Summer Half-Term 2


Unit of work looking at the development gap and differences in global development. Focus on the Millennium development goals and what can be done to reduce global poverty.