History – Year 10

Autumn Half-Term 1

Peace Treaties of WW1 and The League of Nations

A unit of work that explores whether the Peace Treaties of 1919 were fair and examines why the League of Nations failed to keep the peace.

Autumn Half-Term 2

Hitler’s Foreign Policy and Appeasement

The second unit explores the causes of war by looking at the major events of Hitler’s foreign policy. The unit also explores the policy of appeasement and looks at whether this policy made war more or less likely.

Spring Half-Term 1

The Origins and Development of the Cold War

A unit of work that explores the origins of the distrust that developed between the USA and the USSR after 1945. This involves looking at major incidents such as the Berlin Airlift and the Korean War.

Spring Half-Term 2

Stalin’s Russia 1924-1941

This unit looks at how Stalin came to power and the tactics he used to create a personal dictatorship. It also looks at how Stalin manipulated propaganda and also removed his enemies through the use of show trials and purges.

Summer Half-Term 1

Stalin’s Russia 1924-1941

The second aspect of our study into Stalin explores his attempts to modernize the USSR through collectivisation and the five year plans and assesses how successful Stalin was with this.

Summer Half-Term 2

Britain at War Coursework

The coursework is introduced with content on Britain’s role in both World Wars being delivered to the students in order to prepare them for their source work investigations. A visit to the battlefields of Belgium and France supports and enhances this unit.