Humanities – Year 10

Autumn Half-Term 1

Culture & Beliefs: The Plains Indians and White settlers

This unit looks at how the conquest of America by the European settlers resulted in the near extinction of the Native Americans

Autumn Half-Term 2

Culture & Beliefs: Socialisation

This unit revisits work carried out in year 9 looking at what makes us who we are, how we learn our behaviour and examples of humans who have been raised by animals or in abnormal conditions.

Spring Half-Term 1

Conflict & Co-operation

This unit looks at conflict at individual levels (bullying); group levels (teenagers, hoodies and Blue Water shopping centre); and national level (Civil Rights in the USA)

Spring Half-Term 2

Environment Energy, Traffic and Pollution

This unit looks at the causes of environmental issues in today’s society. It looks in detail at global warming and what can be done to reduce the issues individually, locally, nationally and internationally

Summer Half-Term 1 / 2

Culture & Beliefs / Prejudice & Persecution

Multi-cultural Britain: This unit looks at the fact that Britain is and always has been a multi-cultural society and how it became so. We look at the benefits of being multi-cultural and also the challenges we face. This leads into the issue of prejudice that exists within society and the effects on individuals and groups involved and strategies to reduce prejudice.

Students will prepare for their controlled assessment based upon this unit.